A year ago today

  • A year ago today, I was so ecstatic I finally had my baby girl.
  • A year ago today, I was having horrible headaches which noone could explain, so the doctors (neurologist included) prescribed me Motrin.
  • A year ago today, baby girl and I were finally discharged from the hospital.
  • A year ago today, I was so excited to fall asleep with my baby girl.
  • A year ago today, I woke up with my entire family staring at me and the paramedics in my bedroom.
  • A year ago today, I was so confused why my husband kept asking me what my name was.
  • A year ago today, I saw Mr. A crying and I wasn’t able to comfort him.
  • A year ago today, I felt like I was “in trouble” as if I did something wrong.
  • A year ago today, I was rushed to the nearest hospital.
  • A year ago today, I had my first cat scan.
  • A year ago today, I was told I suffered a seizure and stroke.
  • A year ago today, I was told they saw a bleed in my cat scan and I had to be transported to another hospital to see the neuro specialist.
  • A year ago today, I was told I had an AVM that bled while I was in labor with baby girl.
  • A year ago today, I was told I would have to undergo surgery to remove the AVM.
  • A year ago today, I wasn’t sure if I would be alive to see my baby girl’s first birthday.


Today I am an AVM survivor!

We just celebrated our daughter’s 1st birthday yesterday.  Her birthday means so much more to me than celebrating her birth but celebrating ME!  I am thankful for my husband, whom God used to save my life a year ago today.  If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t be here today.  He was there to save me and because of him, there was minimal damage done and I am eternally grateful.

If you were to see me today, you would never know I had a brain injury and undergone surgery.  My hair is finally “back to normal.”  The huge spot where my hair fell out (I still don’t understand why I was literally bald on the back of my head) has finally grown back.  The area the doctor shaved is no longer noticeable.  I’m still bald along the incision but my hair covers it so you can’t tell.  All this talk about my hair, you can see how much of an issue I had with it while recovering 😉

But I wanted to share my story with you all today.  I never heard of an AVM, let alone knew I had it.  I guess you can say what I had was closely related to a brain aneurysm in a sense that the AVM ruptured which caused my bleed (I don’t even know if I am explaining this correctly).  But you can find more information on AVMs and brain aneurysms on The Aneurysm and AVM Foundation webpage.


3 thoughts on “A year ago today

  1. What a story, indeed! We cannot wait to hear what another year brings to you and your wonderful family. And we are always here to help spread awareness, education and to support our community of survivors. Best wishes and Happy Walking on May 3rd!!!!!


  2. How wonderful for you! I’m so happy you survived this. My Dad unfortunately didn’t survive his. But it was in 1983. I’m sure medicine has come a long way since then! Good Luck to you and your family.


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